Thursday, June 22, 2006

I am trying to decide what to cook for supper, and I don't want to have to go to the market. This is always a fun challenge, cook with only what you've got handy. Bonus points if it's a new recipe. It's going to be a little tough today though because after several such sessions this past week I've nearly cleaned out the ref. Oh there're still spices galore, and this & that, but hardly any more meat or veggies, fresh or canned.

I'm torn three ways: 1) test a new recipe Italian so I can use it for the next Dine&Jam; 2) whip up some of that curry I've been craving for days; 3) go with that homey potato meat pie I dug up 5minutes ago that I already have all the ingredients for (options 1 & 2 will require me to cheat a little & buy a couple of things from the grocery store). Ah but the Italian is practical, as I do need something new for Dine&Jam, but I really do need a break from Italian cuisine. The curry is calling to me. Cumin: check. Turmeric: check. Coriander: running low after last night's Thai dinner, but check. No yogurt, and no mint. Or lemons. Pakoras would be great, but nothing to fry. I can buy bell peppers easy enough. But again, no yogurt, and no time to make some. Buying it all ready-made is fine, but such a waste. I think I will have to go with the pie (which is starting to sound really good, actually. Ah but a fourth option: I've got plenty to make mexican with, specially with these newly-ripened avocadoes. But no tomatoes for salsa, so scratch that. Pie it is.

Sorry, no photo. I'll post the recipe soon.



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