Sunday, April 23, 2006

Penne in Shrimp & Olive Marinara;
Pesto butter on baguette slices;
Triple-Layer Lemon Bars

Arancini: An Italian rice ball made with white wine risotto, and a gooey herbed cheese center. I'd never made risotto's even more mind numbingly slow than I ever imagined! But I should practice patience if I wanna be a better cook. Forgot the thyme, but did think to put some old pesto in. I'd read somewhere that "arancini" literally meant "small oranges" (hence the saffron), but the pesto I put in combined with the saffron to make a sickly green color. Against my better judgement, I skipped the wine & just increased the broth. Even worse, I used boullion cubes (hey I was in a hurry!) but I did also use a nice bouquet garni so all was not lost. Predictably, the broth was too salty, and the resulting risotto was too watery. Forming the balls was difficult. This could be an easy recipe if the risotto is done right. Next time hehe. Well it didn't taste bad.

I had better luck with the quickie shrimp & olive marinara. The olives were delicious! For mopping up the juices I got the baguette slices all dressed up with some pesto butter I slapped together real quick, and that was the meal. After we got all googly eyed after all that richness, Mama's lemon bars were a welcome wake-up shot! Heaven.