Friday, February 02, 2007


MacGuyver's Kitchen has seen more MacGuyver out of me recently than it used to. Or I should say a different kind of MacGuyver. I've always tried to bring as much creativity resourcefulness into the kitchen (anybody remember spaghetti in Lipa?) -- the same creativity and resourcefulness that I try to bring to bear whether my current project is food, home repairs, electrical, telephone or cable TV wiring, lighting & sound design and whatnot. The past two months, because we've been remodeling the house I've been less involved with cooking and more occupied with everything else. Fettuccine, rigatoni, penne, fusilli and caserecce, olive oil and parmesan gave way to tekscrews, U-bolts, uPVC pipes, THHN wires, enamel paints and red oxide primer.

Sometimes I have a little fun with both worlds. That's me cracking chestnuts open with a pair of slip-joint pliers last Christmas eve hehehe.


Now that the bulk of the work is done I'm ready to cook again. I've been doing occasional test runs in the new kitchen, and acquainting myself with the new layout. The other week I made a simple quattro formaggio pasta (for the curious, it was edam, parmesan, romano, and blue cheese (not gorgonzola--I wish!)) and last week I made chicken proven├žal (thanks again for the herbes de proven├že, Margie!) and polenta.



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