Saturday, July 07, 2007

School's Cool

Day 2: Basic Nutrition

Go foods, Grow foods, Glow foods. Those LDLs...they're bad for you. But dang does fatty food taste good!

Day 3: Basic Culinary French

I have never taken lessons in French. Being me though I've picked up a few phrases here and there (a little knowledge always being a dangerous thing, of course), specially as I self-taught myself more and more about cuisine. "Je connais!" which I will probably hardly ever get to use, and "Je ne comprends pas." which is most probably as far as I'll get in a conversation after I get past "Je m'appelle JB."

woman: "Sugar?"
Mr. Bean: "Oui."
woman: "Crème?"
Mr. Bean: "Non."
woman: "Your French is very good!"
Mr. Bean: "Gracias!"

Now my vocabulary extends a bit more than ratatouille, en papillote, bouillabaise & vichysoisse. Speaking of ratatouille, I can't wait for the movie to come out!

Day 4: Culinary Math

And you kids fresh out of highschool thought you could escape math by taking this course! One of my class mates remarked, "Totoo pala sabi ng tatay ko: 'gagamitin mo din yan [math] balang araw.'" I of course already knew this, as cooking at home & for Regali Kitchen has had me converting between British & Metric, scaling recipes, crunching cost control numbers for some years now. Math on the fly is of course essential when at the market & grocery store. It's all just basic algebra of course - we're not talking differential calculus here - but it's gotta be fast, and it aint kid stuff. Beyond math, I find that the scientific method is my friend in the kitchen. Boy am I glad I learned something in highschool!

Day 5: Introduction to Gastronomy - "Eat, and Eat Ink!"

Cuisine being all-encompassing, this discussion mixed equal parts history, psychology, pop and classical culture, flavored with sprinklings of political economy and archaelogy, simmered in sociology. Man oh man I love that kind of stuff, and I want seconds! Eat ink? Yeah, ink has always been my favorite.

Day 6: Sanitation - "Happy Birthday to You 2x"

Go wash your hands. You heard me.

Day 7: Meat Fabrication Part 1

Cooked this:
Entrêcote à la Bordelaise
Roast Beef Tenderloin w/ cognac demiglace
Veal Escalopes w/ Wild Mushroom Sauce
Ox tongue preparation
Veal kidneys preparation

Day 8: Meat Fabrication Part 2

Cooked this:
Grilled Lamb Medallions w/ Mint Jelly & Orange Confit
Roast Ribeye w/ Port Demiglace
Scallopini à la Marsala
Osso Buco preparation
Ox tripe preparation

Today, during a momentary lull, Chef Gene gave the class a huge compliment. The compliment was this: "I want to push you further." At the start of the course he said that if he feels that we have what it takes he will push us harder. So that was real cool!

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