Friday, August 03, 2007


For Pastry Day-2 at school today we made crepes. I've always been in love with crepes. Steph & I have always sampled crepes whenever we found them on the menu, even if the place we happened to be wasn't really a "crepe place." I find the crepes at the wildly popular Crazy Crepes so-so. There are far better places. I remember the fantastic seafood crepe we had for breakfast at Crepes St. Michel at the Boracay Mall. My favorite at Café Breton is the Galette Paysanne (a hefty "guy's-crepe" with hungarian sausage, tomatoes and fried egg), and Steph's is the Poseidon (smoked salmon, velouté sauce, and capers). Obviously, we both really have a thing for seafood. We both have a bit of a sweet tooth, too, so the first time we made our own crepes, they were dessert crepes. I found a creperie book at Book Sale and got it for Steph. She got me a couple of crepe pans, and a spatula. I had a rabot bought in the U.S. for her by a friend (thanks, Margie!) This was way before chef school. I've been serving crepes at every Dine&Jam, though the three simple kinds I serve (apple, banana, and mango, flambéed and topped with ice cream) are getting a little tired. Now I have a few more tools, and a whole lot of new skills learned, and today in school I learned to make Crepes Fourrees Frangipane (Crepes with Almond Cream) and they were so good they made my eyes roll back in my head!

Oops I was going to post the recipe but it's copyrighted. Sorry! Well ok here's a simple recipe for frangipane and here's basic crepe batter.

Some crepe pictures from the ole what-I-cooked-for-dinner archives:

Provencal Chicken Crepe with Tarragon: dinner, Feb 2007

Crepes with variety fillings: creamed beef, Spanish chorizos, parmesan potatoes, garlic mushrooms, Provençal tomatoes): dinner, Nov 2006


Anonymous kaoko said...

I love the Paysanne as well, but i have to agree, it's a big heavy. When wanting something lighter yet savory, I go for the Galette with the bacon & tomato, whose name I unfortunately can't remember right now. ^_^;;

And I can't believe it's been ages since I last made crepes. I think it was waaay back in college. Must remember to do me some sometime soon.

5:51 PM  
Blogger JB said...

Aren't crepes great?! You can fill them with just about anything! I always make a big batch & keep them in the freezer wrapped in wax paper & sealed in a ziploc bag. That way I always have some on hand for an instant snack or dinner. I've a hankering right now to toss on some canned salmon, and some fresh dill. Yum!

2:12 AM  

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