Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tools of the trade Part 2

I am finally getting my knives back tomorrow. I brought Nicolette (yes, I named my chef's knife hehehe) and two other knives to Zwilling Henckels (SM Megamall 5th level) Friday last week to have them sharpened. I was told to wait two weeks for them (a long time to be without my knives!) but thankfully they're ready for pick-up.

Over the past few weeks I've been acquiring new tools to add to my chef's kit: Heat-resistant (600°) silicone spatulas by Oxo. Silicone baking mats by KitchenAid. Digital instant-read thermometer by Polder. Grater/zester by Microplane. Tourne knife by Zwilling Henckels. And another set of Edge-Guards for the second set of knives which I have yet to buy. Thanks to Ate Sandy, and to Jep for getting me the stuff from the States.

The other day Steph & I were at Japan Home Center (Robinson's Galleria 3rd level) aka the 88-Peso Store and was pleased to find they were having a sale: about a third of the items were priced at only PhP55.00! I immediately went for the kitchen stuff: flexible knife mats, el-cheapo sauce pans, kitchen shears, and so on. Looking at the labels though, Steph pointed out that a lot of them were marked "Made in China". Now I don't mean to generalize, but with all the recent controversy about lead content in chinese-made products I've gotten a bit wary of them, especially if said items are going to be used on food. I sadly put the items back on the shelves. I did buy the 3-piece level set (line, torpedo and and mini) for my other toolbox. An aside: an item I have yet to buy is a handheld blowtorch, and it would belong equally in my chef's toolbox and my handyman's toolbox hehehe.

when I got home I checked the gear my friends had bought me in the States. Polder has their stuff manufactured in China. So do Oxo and KitchenAid. What's a chef to do? Ah well, I trust these brands have good quality control.



Anonymous kaoko said...

I want a microplane. <3 <3 <3 Been pestering my mom for one---almost convinced her to get one during the last WOFEX but when I got to the choosing part...I didn't know which one to get! They all looked so nice and---spiky! :P What would you recommend, say, you could only get one microplane ever? The zester's the one I see on TV a lot but the other graters look equally nice.

11:00 PM  
Blogger JB said...

Aren't Microplanes great?! "The woodworking tools that crossed over to the kitchen.." -- they are so MacGyver's Kitchen! I want them all! Well at least the three basic ones. Couldn't they have put all three "gauges" on one tool? I'd have to say go for the grater/zester since (like me) you can only afford one ;-) Mine doesn't have the non-scratch end tabs either. I haven't seen any on the ones available locally.

9:39 AM  
Blogger Sakai said...

microplanes are great.. the meat thermometer also helps a lot when roasting big pieces of meat..

7:27 PM  

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