Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More Market Basket

Well we made it to the Western Market Basket Finals too, but we lost in the final round of both Asian and Western competitions. Gotta be happy with what we got, though for a moment there I really thought we were going to win the Western Cuisine competition when the chefs named our Meunière of Lapu-lapu (grouper) and Crab-Meat Mousseline with Leek Creme a favorite.

Both championship rounds were black box, of course: as in the ‘Iron Chef’ TV shows, specific ingredients available for the competitors' use were a mystery to until the match began. In addition, a "black box" containing mandatory ingredients was a huge factor. Not only were you required to use the black box ingredients, a quantity limit was also set (e.g. 1 cup butter maximum for the western cuisine competition).

I must say I learned a whole lot and had a lot of fun. The ref raids I always do for fun at home turned out to be good training. These competitions were tests of nerves and composure as much as of cooking skill, and a sense of humor, though it didn't bag us the win, proved to score points.

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