Monday, October 06, 2008

The Most Expensive Powdered Sugar in Manila

I've got a few recipes in the works and I was planning to do some kitchen testing this week so I decided to pick up some ingredients on my way to Cafe Ysabel. I stopped at this great baking supply store (which I will not name here as I really like their store, and I don't want the store name associated with a negative post about something else) to pick up some almond flour and some powdered sugar. Parking was full so I double-parked and popped into the store to buy my items. I'm waiting my turn at the counter, having spent barely two minutes in the store, when I notice a commotion outside. I'M BEING TOWED!! Yessir, those boys pulled up with the tow truck and had my car hooked up in under two minutes! Your taxes at work. Very nice. I'm joined outside by the store manager to plead with them but they're not budging. It's 12noon. My car is lunch. Forget the almond flour, I'll need the cash to bribe these misanthropes pay the city fine. I spend the rest of the afternoon back and forth in the pouring rain with no umbrella from city hall to impound and back again twice. Long story short: The box of powdered sugar worth 48pesos cost me, among other things, Php1,100 in fines, Php60 in tricycle fare, 1 rain-soaked t-shirt, mud all over my best pair of dress pants, and 1 missed lunch. What a day!


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