Friday, March 27, 2009

Dried Cherry Tomatoes and Oliva Senorita Dried Olives by Nicefoods®

Ah the stuff you find in the supermarket snack shelves! I never stray near the snack shelves anymore but Mama found these little numbers on her latest visit.

Cherry Tomatoes: Win!
I tore open the little 50gram foil package and took a whiff. The cherry tomatoes smelled sweet, almost like candied strawberries. They were a good enough size too, about thumb size (well, my thumb anyway) and had good texture. They tasted pretty good. Plus points for no preservatives
(ingredients: high-grade cherry tomatoe, sugar, salt). I'd totally buy this stuff again. Consider the possibilities: wouldn't they be just perfect on my olive oil gelato?!

Oliva Senorita: Fail.
I didn't like the olives. First of all, can someone tell my why there's a picture Saint Petersburg on the front? Well ok not St Petersburg, but it does make me think of a Russian church. The olives look like they're of the Kalamata variety, but that's no Greek building. The product name is Oliva Senorita. Spanish? I'm sorry, maybe there's a Moorish-influenced building in Andalucia that I'm unaware of. Whatever. The stuff smelled and tasted like champoy (chinese fruit plums) but with a far less pleasant texture. Ingredients list: Olive, liquorice, sugar, salt, citric acid. I didn't taste any olive in this though. Not buying that again.

I don't know how new these products are but they're certainly new to me. I hope they keep making the tomatoes. This might be the best time to stock my pantry with this as tomatoes are at their best in the summer. Of course the manufacturer could conceivably process enough of these to last til next summer. Who knows. I will be paying close attention to the packaging date.

Nicefoods® Dried Cherry Tomatoes Php11.50 per 50gram packet
Oliva Senorita Php8.00 per 50gram packet
Available at Robinsons Supermarket


Anonymous christine said...

thought you might want to check this out ;-)

ltb practice dinner

olives that sound spanish, look greek and smell chinese -- very strange nga!

5:00 AM  
Blogger JB said...

Wow I hope I can come up with the money to go! In any case, my best wishes to Chef Ariel Manuel and the rest of the team! Thanks for stopping by, Christine! :-)

8:47 AM  
Anonymous Pasadena Restaurants said...

I totally dig those tomatoes! But for the olives... hmmm... talk about truth in advertising!

3:57 AM  
Blogger Justin and Erin McDonald said...

JB love the blog. Especially the part on faux street food. Actually i was wondering if you could give me the name of the appliance shop that converts from 110 to 220. Our friends has a mixer she would like to change. Also what time will you be on tv tomorrow? Justin

7:46 PM  
Blogger Justin and Erin McDonald said...

Hey bro the Blog is great. Could you send me the name and number of the shop that converts appliances from 110 to 220. Our friends needs to convert her kitchenaid. Also what time and what channel will your show be on this friday. Justin

7:48 PM  

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