Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Reviving the ole' Blog

Time to renew my presence in the blogosphere. It's my first blog entry for the year. I'm aware that the first quarter is almost officially over, and my backlog is 5 months long. In restaurant kitchen parlance I'm "in the weeds" but I'm going to fight back!

Partial & random checklist for myself of unblogged stories: Christmas family reunion, dinner at Lolo Dad's, Chef Giorgio Bucciarelli @ Volare, bloggers' event @ Crepes & Cream, bloggers' event @ Café Provençal, Tangerine, Trattoria Gourmet, Katre, Belissimo, The Baconator, Benjie Pedro's Chocolate Appreciation Seminar, Chef Gene Gonzalez' book launch, ...

Time to get to work.



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