Thursday, May 14, 2009

Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes for John & Jaja's Wedding

On May 9, 2009, dear friends Jaja and John celebrated the church wedding of the decade! The couple had asked me to provide pink cupcakes. I created my recipe for Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes specially for them :-)

Congrats, Jaja & John!
Location: Manila Cathedral / Manila Peninsula

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sampaguita Ice Cream Demo on Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho

A funny thing happened last Friday: Sarah YM'd me that someone had left a note on each of her two blogs in an effort to contact me. Apparently Jessica Soho's Kapuso Mo on GMA 7 are doing an episode on sampaguaita (yes, our national flower) and want to feature the Sampaguita Ice Cream with Mango Sauce we'd served at our Legacy Buffet. Whilst wondering how they could've made the connection from me to my sister and deciding that it must've been because she links to my blog, I log in and find similar messages left for me at my food blog (yeah, this one). I'm still scratching my head over it all when I get a text message from school. Apparently the show's researchers had followed that trail trying to track me down. A few minutes later the phone rings. They've finally pinned me down at home. These guys are good! They want to interview me and they want me to do a demo. They want to shoot the segment on Sunday but I can't because I'm cooking for an event that day. We set it up for Monday, subject to my chef-instructors' approval (I contact Chef Junjun and Chef Gino and they're very supportive) and kitchen schedules at school (fortunately Monday is a holiday and so there are no classes going on). And then there's the matter of the sampaguita infusion, a month long process. Chef Gino's got some infusion on hand so everything's a go.

As usual on a Dine&Jam morning I'm up at 5:00 to go to the weekly Farmer's Market at the Lung Center. Then it's cooking all day, til late night. Around 10:00 I jaunt over to Kidlat's place to see the guys, and we end up chatting til 5:00am Monday. Later that morning I'm in the kitchen with Che who was my sous chef for pastry back when we did the Legacy Buffet. 3pm the TV crew arrives and we shoot until 6:00. I've never been very comfortable in front of a camera, and I'm sure that it showed. It helped a little that for the most part I was cooking and so didn't have to look into the lens but when it was all over Steph told me I'd been speaking much too softly. Gotta work on that if I want to be on the Food Channel hahaha!

Watch for my soft-spoken demo on Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho this Saturday, June14. The show runs on GMA-7 from 8:30PM to 9:30PM.

June 14, 2008

Saw the episode tonight, and I'm just glad I didn't look as shy as I thought I would on camera hahaha! A bit of a disclaimer though: the segment seemed to imply that I invented the recipe, which I didn't. I have to credit our Chef-Instructors Gene Gonzalez and Junjun de Guzman for helping us develop the recipe for the Sampaguita Ice Cream we served at our Legacy Buffet. During the taping of the segment, the assistance of my classmate Cheryl Go was invaluable. Che was one of my sous chefs for our Legacy Buffet, and led the pastry team in preparing the Sampaguita Ice Cream. Also instrumental in making that segment possible was the support of another of our Chef-Instructors Gino Gonzalez.

A lot of people have texted me tonight, curious about the ice cream. I do hope I get the chance to make this very special ice cream for you people :-)

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